Does flipped eye publish only people of African descent?

flipped eye is a Black-led publisher. For that reason, many people assume that we only publish people of African heritage. That’s not true. We publish collections by people of all origin, regardless of colour, gender, faith or dislike of cheese.

What work do you publish?

flipped eye publishes poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

How do I publish with you?

Look for a call for submissions here on our site or on our social media. Or buy a cup of coffee for one of our editors if you bump into them around town and they’ll tell you when the next submission window is.

Why only six (6) poems?

Six, we’ve discovered, is our magic number. If your work captures an editor’s attention, you will be contacted for more. We are a small publisher, with an equally small team and that number gives us enough to decide without overwhelming us.

Why only submit three (3) chapters for fiction and non-fiction?

As stated above, we run a small but busy ship. We ask that you submit three of your strongest chapters/short stories. An editor will contact you for additional chapters if they like what they see.

Do you read through ALL submissions?

Yes we do! Our interns, overseen by our junior editors, read through our submissions. They pass on the best contenders to our senior editors.

Do you respond to all submissions?

You will receive an email acknowledging your submission. However, as a rule, flipped eye no longer responds to unsuccessful submissions. If you receive further mail from us, it’s because an editor has taken interest in your work.