Hubert Matiúwàa

Hubert Matiúwàa is a leading indigenous Mexican poet writing in the Mè’phàà language. Winner of several national awards, he also won the 2017 “V Premio de Literaturas Indígenas de América (PLIA)” and received scholarships from the National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA) in 2017 and 2019. Hubert holds degrees in Philosophy and Literature (UAGro), Creative Writing (UACM) and a Master’s in Latin American Studies (UNAM). His poetry collections include Xtámbaa/Piel de Tierra (2016), Mañuwìín/Cordel Torcido (2018), and Mbo Xtá rídà/ Gente piel (2020). In 2020, he also published Adà Bègò tsí nàndà’ à ru’wa/Poeta Rayo, his first children’s book. First Rain is his first pamphlet in the English language.

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