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Help the #FECrew stay “in office”

The #FECrew is asking for your help.

One of the longest running small presses in the UK, flipped eye publishing has been running with a not-for-profit model since 2001 and is recognised globally as an incubator for exciting talent, being the original home of leading contemporary writers such as Roger Robinson, Malika Booker, Jacob Sam-La Rose, Sarah Westcott, Inua Ellams, Aoife Mannix, Nick Makoha and Warsan Shire.

We like to say that we publish powerful voices in affordable volumes, but the affordable bit of that has bitten us hard in present times. While costs of printing and postage have gone up, we have kept some of our retail prices as low as £4, leaving us with some cashflow problems.

We do not have a terrible landlord; in fact, they are so understanding that we almost forgot that we owe them three months of rent and we’d like to fix that. So we are asking our #FEFolk for help via a fundraiser. In keeping with our unconventional roots, this is not a traditional fundraiser. Our UK and Europe #FEFolk will have a selection of books to pick from, depending on the amount donated. Of course, you can just donate too, we’ll love you either way.

For more information please visit our gofundme.

Thank you!

Nii Ayikwei Parkes and the #FECrew