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We’re looking for an intern

We’re looking for an editorial intern to train as part of our 20th anniversary celebrations. If you’re hungry for literature and love to dot Is and cross Ts, you just may be our newest recruit!

Applicants need no previous experience in the publishing industry- instead we are looking for a passionate, would-be editor that has a deep understanding of and interest in representing a wealth of stories and experiences from writers across the UK, which flipped eye has championed for the past 20 years.

Candidates need to be UK residents, not in education, and able to commit to 2 days of work a week for a duration of 6 months. As a paid intern, the successful candidate will receive hands-on editorial training at flipped eye’s offices in London or remotely, and will be tasked with discovering the most exciting new voices from the next generation of writers working closely with the team at flipped eye from acquisition right through to publication.

A powerful advocate for true representation in the publishing industry, from the boardroom to the very nature of the stories they allow the world to experience, we reflect a breadth of perspective in our editorial team too. All of our current editors come from non-traditional editing backgrounds, and none of them trained within the publishing establishment. Editor Jacob Sam-La Rose is of Caribbean heritage and was Managing Director of a web development studio before becoming a freelance writer and editor. Editor Niall O’Sullivan is of Irish heritage and began his working life as a gardener before joining flipped eye.

At flipped eye, we work extensively with our authors to try to understand their unique influences and norms; rather than send instructions, we send questions and more questions and we listen and listen some more as we help writers hone their voices and their craft. We approach our work with a humility that we feel comes not just from our non-traditional backgrounds, but also our working class roots. The working class is massively underrepresented in publishing and much of it is due to the inability of working class persons to forfeit a living wage for long enough to get on the ladder in publishing. We’d like to help change that.

Applications for the new editorial internship will open on Monday 17May, with a two-week submission window closing on Monday 31 May. Applicants should express their interest via the form below, submitting a short bio and a cover note explaining why you’re interested in the internship. You do not need to submit a CV – instead, we are looking for candidates based on their passion and drive to become an editor, not on any qualification or what they achieved at school.

Selected applicants will be asked to complete a writing task, rewriting the blurb of a novel or poetry collection of their choice (300-500 words). They’ll receive the task in early June and it will be due back in mid-June. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted and, after a run of interviews, the successful candidate will be announced at the beginning of July.

The new junior editor will work alongside a flipped eye editor on the following tasks:

  • Read submissions and suggest the best ones for flipped eye to publish
  • Discuss merits and demerits of chosen submissions with the editorial team
  • Gain an introduction to fact checking and basic copy editing
  • Learn sequential editing and how to write reader reports; make editorial notes on the chosen submissions 
  • Learn about structural editing and commissioning; submit reader reports on the top two submissions 
  • Brief covers and write blurbs and cover copy
  • Shadow edit and copy edit prose
  • Gain industry-trend awareness through research on emerging poets, collections already published
  • Introduction to anthology work and texts in translation
  • Attend fortnightly meetings with the editor they’re working closely with

Interested applicants should kindly fill the form below.
Note that the name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form.

if you’re having trouble viewing the form, please try accessing it here.